We create an optimal fusion between business strategy and vision in IT,
Bringing direction and feasibility as a mindset to your projects - Helping you navigate through the fog. Our goal is to get you to a place of independence with your project - no matter where you are in terms of technical expertise.

Bringing ideas to your ideas

We empower you by bringing feasibility, implementation, and monitization to your ideas - assisting in developing an MVP you can be proud of.

Foresight into un-chartered territories

We take on every project from a phlegmatic position and agnostic thinking - to ensure your target audience shares your passion for your project.

Bits and Bytes

We are a full service Dev Shop, covering all needs from UI-UX, Web/Mobile Applications, AR/VR, To large scale DevOps, Networking, VoIP services, ensuring we use the right technology for the job all the time.

Gaging the temperature of the market

With thorough market research, we see how you idea fits in the marketplace.Protecting your niche in the world - no matter the competition.

What we bring to the table

10+ years practical experience with various technologies

12+ major media campaigns including print, social, and digital media

40,000+ hours of consulting, planning, and development

Flexibility amongst tech stacks in both production and development